Control. Revolution.

In the search for futuristic controls, many which have us waiving our hands or dancing around, sometimes the simplest, most obvious solution is overlooked. In over 30 years nothing has matched the direct 1-to-1 input of a mouse or trackball for speed and precision in targeting on-screen. Combine that with the ergonomic layout and tactile feedback of gamepad buttons along with an analog joystick for directional input, and you have a literal game changing experience. Welcome REvolve, a natural evolution to the gamepad, done right.

Diablo 3 Demo

Dungeon crawling doesn’t require you to literally hunch over. With REvolve, many popular PC game formats can find new life in the living room.

Here, for example, Diablo III can be enjoyed on a big screen TV from the cushioned comfort of your favorite seat. No need to straddle your keyboard over your leg or force your hand into that cramped hook shape. Just kick back and play.

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Skyrim Demo

Nothing quite captures the beauty and incredible attention to detail in Skyrim like playing it from your overclocked PC on a 40, 50 or 60 inch screen. And nothing does more to complete that experience than packing all the control you need into a comfortable handheld unit.

The REvolve controller does just that. Make award-winning gaming more complete.

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Modern Warfare 3 Demo

Who has twitch speed and responsiveness when all that stands between you and your next respawn is the space between the tips of your fingers and a virtual barrel? Is it the guys with the joystick? Think again. With REvolve you can have all the microsecond response you need without sacrificing the ergonomic layout and comfort of a gamepad.

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Battlefield 3 Demo

REvolve allows precision control in the latest entry to the Battlefield franchise. Battlefield is best played on PC, with gorgeous graphics and tight controls.

REvolve lets players experience the best Battlefield has to offer without sacrificing graphical quality or control while poviding the comfort and convenience of a console controller.

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